About Hope For A Future

Where We Began

Hope For A Future found its beginnings in December 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina with a lot of planning and praying. In the Charleston County School District, there is a very thin line within the Title I schools for which students are living in poverty and those who are not. In these schools, many students hold the notion that their options for college are limited, if available to them at all. With this in mind, all children should have an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive through their education. Hope For A Future aims to allow all children, starting in kindergarten, to know that they will have options to further their education and become whomever they want to be. Hope For A Future is currently fundraising to sponsor children in need, and using the money raised, chosen students will annually build up a fund to go towards their future college of choice. Children will be considered through teacher recommendation and each year will be evaluated based on academics, financial need, and behavior.  We are hoping to be launched in Elementary Schools for the 2020-2021 school year with our first round of Kindergarten students who will be sponsored all throughout their education process, bringing in new students every year.